Comprehensive Analysis and Comparison of the Life Cycle Cost and the Levelized Cost of Energy of Commercial Onshore Wind Energy Farms in Thailand


This study presents a comprehensive analysis and comparison of the life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) and the Levelized cost of energy (LCOE) of commercial onshore windenergy farms in Thailand. This study presents data related to installed capacities; the twenty-nine commercial companies of wind turbines; models of wind turbines; scheduled commercial operation dates (SCODs); and commercial operation dates (CODs) of commercial onshore windenergyfarms operated in Thailand. The total LCC of the 29 wind energy farms overthe whole lifetime of the plant is around 2,718 million USD, whereas the capacity-weighted average of LCC is around 1.803 million USD/MWp. The result of the study shows that the capacity-weighted average of LCOE of all commercial windenergyfarms in Thailand over the whole and deducted lifetimes of the plants are 0.0453 USD/kWh and 0.0459 USD/kWh, respectively.The study's results also show that if all 29 wind energy farms delay starting the operation for 12 months, the average LCOE of wind energy farms increases by just 3.07%. These findings show that delay in starting operation would not cause the LCOE of wind energy farms to be significantly higher.However, if all wind energy farms delay starting the operation for 23months, the LCOE of utility-scale PV plants is lower.