Gamification Pedagogy Trigger Design for Creative Experiences in Metaverse Class Room


The aim of this study is to design a creative process for learners. The design focuses on a pedagogy for course activities based on principles from gamification research that foregrounds the relationship between instructional practices and game-based course design for learning. The research is divided into two phases: Trigger with learner psychology and the creative experiences during learning. The research aims to shape the relationship between gamification elements and pedagogical design. The design framework will inform the creative processin the Metaverse classroom. The framework identifies critical features of the creative process that emerge throughout the learning process. Creativity will be measured by examining domain-relevant and creativity-related skills and task motivation during learning in the Metaverse environment. The research approach applies survey and observation techniques to examine the extent to which people are engaged in creative processes during their participation in the Metaverse classroom. The pedagogical design background focuses on the approach that enhances the player's interaction with the interactive elements and provides useful insights into the learner's skills and engagement. Engagement can be improved through the use of triggering gamification elements. The results show how gamification pedagogy enhances the creative experience process in the Metaverse environment. These guidelines can be used in the pedagogical design process to better promote creative learning activities. An important contribution to the research is the ability to design instructional activities that promote creative thinking through engaging interactions with technology.