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Background Information

The English for Business Communication Program (IBEC) combines language communication skills with key business principles to promote international business knowledge and entrepreneurial skill development; it aims at fostering leadership, critical thinking and team oriented working skills throughout the learning process. Upon completion of this program, students will be fully equipped to enter the international business environment prepared with effective language communication, business knowledge and entrepreneurial skills so that they will be competent international business communicators in global workplace settings.

Title of the Curriculum

Bachelor of Arts in English for Business Communication (International Program)

Title of the Degree

Full Name: Bachelor of Arts (English for Business Communication)
Abbreviation: B.A. (English for Business Communication)

Program Objectives

The English for Business Communication Program trains students to become successful business communicators who are equipped with in-depth business knowledge and entrepreneurial skills so they will be prepared for careers in international workplace settings. As entrepreneurship is emerging in importance in both regional and global business settings, the courses in the English for Business Communication Program are specifically designed to promote English fluency and foster innovative thinking, leadership skills and entrepreneurship initiatives in international business contexts through co-curricular activities such as seminars, forums, fieldtrips, case studies, and capstone projects; in addition to, technology-based interactive learning in the classroom.
Upon completion of this program, the graduate will be a linguistically-competent communicator with sound business and entrepreneurial knowledge who is able to work efficiently in culturally diverse regional and global workplaces.




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