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Because having strong and effective Human Resources and Strategies lead to achieving your organization's goals and objectives.  

Together with your team, we work closely in planning, developing, implementing, and monitoring and evaluating your projects or programmes.

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Many organizations and governments have benefited from our consultancy services.



ADCC has been awarded a 3-year Long Term Agreement for Services (LTAS) 2014 - 2017 by UNICEF New York to assist UNICEF Country Offices and their programs for (a) C4D Planning and Strategy Development, and b) C4D Curriculum and Capacity Development.  

Some of our most recent consultancies include:   

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Recent Consultancies (2011-2018)

  • Institutional Contract for C4D Strategy & Development, UNICEF Malaysia Country Office, 2017 and 2018.

  • Strengthening Community-Based Nutrition Programme with a focus on IYCF/MNP/SBCC within the Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition continuum through multi-sectorial approach in Afghanistan. Click here to read more about this

  • Training of Midwife Educators on Behavior Change Communication (BCC) of the Ministry of Public Health, Government of Iran supported by UNFPA (2015). Click here to read more..

  • Capacity building Training of UNICEF Myanmar Country and Field Office staff and University of Public Health, Myanmar Faculty on C4D (2015). Click here to read more.... 

  • C4D Capacity Building of UNICEF Eritrea staff and Government counterparts including conducting a trainining needs analysis (TNA), design and conduct of a tailor-made training based on the TNA and development of a 2-year (2015-2016) cross-sectoral communication framework for the remainder of the UNICEF-Eritrea Country Program (2014). 

  • C4D Capacity Building of UNICEF Somalia Support Centre Programme Staff and Counterparts in Somalia (Puntland & Somalialand) includig conducting a trainining needs analysis (TNA), design and conduct of aseries of tailor-made training workshops and ToT based on the TNA (2014). Click here for more..

  • Enhancing the capacity of UNICEF Nepal staff on C4D through conducting a ToT and C4D Workshop (2014)

  • Mid-Term Review of the UNFPA-Government of Mongolia Country Programme (2012-2016) commisssioned by UNFPA, 2014

  • Chairman of the ADCC Advisory Board, Mr. Najib Assifi was commissioned by UNFPA Philippines Country Office as a Change Management Consultant for four months from December 2013 - March 2014

  • Assessment of Current Status of Mainstreaming HIV and AIDS in Sectoral Programmes in UNICEF Country Offices of South Asia, commissioned by UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia, 2013

  • C4D Capacity Building, including conducting a Capacity Gap and Training Needs Assessment of the UNICEF Kenya Country Office. Commissioned by UNICEF Kenya Office, 2013 Click here to read more

  • Development of a series of BCC Strategies for RH, ARH, Gender, Population & Development for the UNFPA-Sri Lanka Country Programme. Commissioned by UNFPA Sri Lanka Office, 2013

  • Assessment of the capacity and capability of Faculty of Medicine, University of Gajah Mada, Yogyakarta for hosting a comprehensive FP training under South-South Cooperation, commissioned by UNFPA Indonesia ountry Office, 2013

  • Strengthened national capacity to advocate ICPD principles and MDGs including South-South cooperation, commissioned by UNFPA Indonesia Country Office, 2013

  • Design and development of brochure and website presentation for training on Developing a Strategic Partnership with Faith-Based Organizations and Religious Leaders in Population, Family Planning/Reproductive Health, and Gender Programmes, commissioned by UNFPA Indonesia, 2013 

  • Organizing of the UNFAO Regional Dialogue on Family Farming, commissioned by UNFAO Regional Office for Asia and Pacific, 2013

  • ADCC Executive Director, Dr. Peter F. Chen was commissioned by UNFAO Regional Office for Asia and Pacific as Rapporteur and Report Writing of the Regional Management Meeting, 2013

  • Facilitation of the UNFAO Regional Office for Asia & Pacific Staff Meeting, 2013

  • Technical Assistance to develop a BCC Strategy in support of the RH Strategy under the UNFPA DPRK Country Programme, 2011-2015 commissioned by UNFPA DPRK, 2012

  • ADCC Executive Director was commissioned by UNFPA Myanmar Country Office to provide Techincal Assistance in training senior staff of the Central Health Education Bureau, Ministry of Health, Government of Myanmar and NGO counterparts on planning BCC strategies, 2012

  • Development of BCC Strategy for Reproductive Rights & Health, ARH/HIV, Population & Development, Gender Equity & Women Empowerment, under the UNFPA Third Programme of Assistance, Myanmar, 2012 – 2015 caried out by the ADCC Executive Director in 2012.

  • Technical Review Report of Selected Proposal for National Advocacy Campaign on Birth Spacing in Pakistan for UNFPA Pakistan, 2012

  • Financial Resource Flows for Population Activities in Thailand – 2011. Commissioned by UNFPA Thailand Country Office, 2012

  • Financial Resource Flows for Population Activities in Thailand – 2010. Commissioned by UNFPA Thailand Country Office, 2011  Test Video

Mr. Najib Assifi with Mr. S. Lambaa, Senior Advisor on social issues to the Speaker of the Mongolian Parliament

  • Taken during the Mid-Review (May-June 2014) of the Fifth UNFPA assisted programme in Mongolia 2012-2016