The 1st International Conference on Integrative Medicine for Wellness 2019 (ICIM 2019)

Dhurakij Pundit University (DPU)

Bangkok, Thailand

June 6-7, 2019

Keynote speaker


Claus Hancke

Specialist in General Medicine

Claus Hancke graduated 26 years old in 1974 from the University of Copenhagen. After 5 years internship, he was general practitioner for 10 years in the social security system in Denmark, and from 1988 private practise in Copenhagen specialized in Orthomolecular Medicine.

He founded in 2000 the first Danish Institute for Orthomolecular Medicine. Since 1987 he is postdoc, educated in Orthomolecular Medicine, especially in USA, and is Diplomate of the International Board of Chelation Therapy.

He is chairman of the Scandinavian Board of Chelation Therapy and member of the Board of Danish Health's Council on Integrative Medicine. He has been the initiator and organizer of 3 international Health Trends congresses in Copenhagen ( ), is Fellow of the American College for Advancement in Medicine ( ) and co-founder of the Danish Society for Orthomolecular Medicine ( ), the organization for civil rights in health MayDay ( ) and the Danish Vital Council ( ).

Hancke has written several scientific articles, and for 10 years educated physicians (general practitioners) for The Danish Medical Association.

Dr. Patrick Garrett

American Board of Functional Medicine, Diplomate Functional Medicine / Nutrition
American Association of Integrative Medicine, Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition
American Association of Integrative Medicine, Board Certified in Integrative Medicine
Harvard Medical School Postgraduate Association, Member
Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition, Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition
American Association of Integrative Medicine, Member
American Academy of Functional Medicine, Chairman of the Board of Directors
American Academy of Functional Medicine, Senior Fellow
American Board of Functional Medicine, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine, Member
BloodId /, Medical Director
Green Med Info, Board of Directors, Advi



The international conference on Integrative Medicine for Wellness 2019 (ICIM 2019) is an international platform for scholars, researchers, students and practitioners. The conference aims to:

  1. ) exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of integrative medicine, wellness, business, education, tourism and related areas
  2. ) discuss on the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted.


  • To provide scientific information on nutrition, herb and supplement, spa services, body & mind health, aging society, environment, education, tourism, artificial intelligent related from global scale to personal health of Wellness.
  • To promote the understanding the knowledge of Wellness. The meaning of Wellness, which is important for every party doing this industry. Knowing the back ground, the present situation in the world and the position of Thailand at the present time, the trend to be in the near future. Also formulate the idea of how these industries in should adapt themselves for the benefit of every party.
  • To create an international network for researchers, scientists, and scholar students and working people on Integrative Medicine and Wellness, so that there should be further co-operation and collaboration in between institute to institute and/or people to people in this territory.

The conference’s organizers invite individual papers and posters relating to the conference theme. Significant and original (unpublished) submissions are solicited. Full paper should not exceed 10 pages and should include an abstract maximum of 250 words in English. All accepted and complete papers will be included in e-proceedings. Papers are welcome in the following streams :

  1. Science & Medical knowledge
  2. Psychology & Spiritual Science
  3. Tourism, Hospitality, Leisure Studies
  4. Philosophy & Humanity
  5. Marketing, Business & management
  6. Finance & Accounting
  7. Artificial Intelligent & Informative technology
  8. Education & Teaching
  9. Economic
  10. Languages
  11. Other science & social science topics
Important dates of the conference
1 Full Paper Submission Deadline 12th April 2019
- Extended 30th April 2019
2 Notification Deadline 3rd May 2019
3 Registration Deadline 10th May 2019
4 Conference Date 6th - 7th June 2019

The 1st International Conference on Integrative Medicine for Wellness

Contact persons


Tel +6629547300 ext.128, 632