Exchange process (outbound)

Students should start planning their exchange programs at least 1 year prior to their exchange period.

1 year before the exchange

  • Inform your program director regarding the exchange program that you are interested in.
  • The program director, together with the Faculty committee, will interview you in order to evaluate your GPA, personality, maturity, and English proficiency.
  • If your interview has been successful, you will be informed within 2 weeks.
  • The Faculty committee will consider your course enrollment at the overseas university. This process may take up to 2 months.

6 months before the exchange

  • Gather application materials:
    • Overseas university application form
    • Student Transcript
    • Letter from Faculty confirming your student status & English proficiency
    • Passport-size photos
    • Copy of passport and ID card
    • Other documents as required by the overseas university
  • The overseas university’s application process may take up to 2 months.

4 months before the exchange

  • If the overseas university has accepted your application, you will then receive an acceptance letter. You need this letter to apply for a student visa.
  • A visa application may take from 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on the visa application materials.
  • Buy an airplane ticket, book accommodation, and find out about the city in which you will be studying.

1 month before the exchange

  • Confirm to both Faculty and the overseas university regarding:
    • Your departure/arrival dates
    • Your contact details overseas
    • Your registered courses at the overseas university
  • Farewell party with your Faculty friends!

1 month after the exchange

  • Report back to DPUIC and confirm the tentative date when the partner university will send the transcript toy you.
  • Pay tuition and administrative fees for the semesters that you have been away


Pay at home university before leaving for the exchange program.

Transfer of credits

Credits earned for courses at the overseas university will be transferred to DPU.

Course of Study

Depending on our program requirements, you can take courses at the overseas university which are the equivalent of Au courses.

Travel Expenses

A purchase of a round trip Air Ticket is necessary to obtain student visa.

Medical Insurance

You will be required to show proof of international medical insurance coverage .This is the student’s responsibility.


Each school has their housing coordinators and the student has to contact and make arrangements with the respective coordinators.


Can be obtained with letters of acceptance by the oversea university and submission of other required documents by the respective Embassy consular offices. Students apply for visas directly.